Human Trafficking Part 1 – What Got Me Interested?

Sophie hayes  As I began to approach the age of 40, life started to take on a different turn. My need to have a cause in life became so much stronger than it was in my early 20′s where I lived quite a care free, selfish and self centred life.

In recent years reading has also become much more of a favourite pass time and I’ve become intrigued with biographies and autobiographies. As I searched iBooks for a new title to peak my interest, I was ignorant to the fact that I would be introduced to a subject that would impact and change my life forever! Continue reading

Working From Home Is Wonderful

One of the biggest challenges in life is learning how to deal with sudden changes and curve balls along life’s journey. I like to call them seasons!

Over 3 years ago I was made redundant which came as quite a shock not just to me but for my family. The thought of having to survive on one salary was quite daunting and I had to readjust my mind to the overwhelming thought of getting back into the employment market and finding myself a job.

As I sat down one day to consider my next steps, Continue reading