Anxiety is a Killer

downloadAs the close of the year draws nigh there’s a tendency to become anxious about what the new year will hold.

Anxiety is a dream and passion killer. It creates a false sense of urgency in us, falsely projects that time is running out and launches us into a state of panic of not reaching our goals and therefore forces us to make wrong and hasty decisions and choices.

If we become a slave to anxiety we will constantly feel as if time is running out. We begin to rehearse statements like I’ll never get married, pregnant, promoted, rich, discovered etc.

It’s important to remember that anxiety is a product of fear and fear can be defined as:


When anxiety tries to overtake your thought life it’s important to:

1. Evaluate exactly where you are in your life and why you feel STUCK
2. Make a list of all of the achievements you’ve accomplished in the past couple of years to help bring some perspective
3. Examine the losses you’ve had and treasure hunt how they’ve helped you grow
4. Create a vision board of the key milestones you want to reach in the coming year and how you think you can accomplish those goals
5. Invest some time and money in at least one activity that will promote a sense of growth in your life
6. Keep a record of your progress so you have evidence of your achievements
7. Make positive confessions about where you are in life i.e. I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be, doing exactly what I’m supposed to be doing, time is not running out for me.

And lastly, remember that life is about seasons. Winter cannot remain forever and summer must pass so that the fall can set in. Simply put, life will take different turns and may even throw a few curve balls at you but just as we sometimes have to adapt our clothing or environment to suit the changing weather patterns; likewise, sometimes we have to adapt our thinking, behavior and attitude to suit the changing stages of life.


Tell me what you think before you GO!

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