Before you Start – The 50 Day Change Challenge


It’s not the Night Before Christmas but it is the night before the 50 Day Change Challenge. If you’re joining me you’ll have already set your goals and will probably have eaten your last double decker cheeseburger with an up size of fries, or well on your way to making the commitment to reduce your caffeine intake from 5 cups a day to 2.

For some of you, you’re really plunging into the deep and working on your action plan to work yourself out of a J.O.B and start your own business. Some are thinking seriously about launching into a new business idea or investment that you’ve been sitting on and some of you want to recommit to doing the things that matter like spending more time with your family or strengthening your faith and spirituality.

Whatever the reason you’re joining me on the challenge, it’s great that you’ve identified the area where you want to grow. Being aware and truthful about your growth area is a good place to start. Tonight is the night to make the heart decision and the mental shift that has to come before you even think about fleshing it out.

Here are a few key areas that people generally get stuck on.

Healthy Lifestyle

Identify why you need to change your health habits. Starting this just to lose weight for that Christmas party is not enough to keep you on track. Even if you do meet your goals. What happens after the party? Think long term and dig a bit deeper for the reasons like improving your health, having more energy to deal with your lifestyle, warding off behavioural diseases or wanting to stay around to see your grand kids grow up.

Career Change

“I’ll be getting more money with this new job”, is probably not enough to keep you motivated when the boss or company demand much more of your time, life and pound of flesh as many bosses and companies do! Remember with a higher salary comes much more responsibility, longer hours and in some cases an expectancy that you’ll put the company first until death do you part! I’m not suggesting that you shouldn’t aspire to increasing your finances but it definitely should not be the only reason why you’re going after a new career.

Find the more meaningful reasons of your heart like…  How can I make an impact or a long lasting difference in people’s lives, how can I add value and significance?  Believe it or not reasons of this kind reap much more fulfilment than the pay cheque only.

Starting a Business

All I can say about this one is, make sure you’re resolute about the end result and have become a friend of failure. This is in no way suggesting that your business is going to fail but a key principle of business is that we learn much more from failure than success.  But before you start submitting you’re business proposal to the bank or investors it’s important to understand that getting a business name and a plan is the easy part but running and sustaining it is no duck walk! It takes time, resilience and perseverance that goes way past this 50 Day challenge.

A Balanced Lifestyle

A priority list alone, although a good start, will not tick all of the boxes on this one! This is going to take some heartfelt soul searching as to why you are a self acclaimed workaholic. Many workaholics do not admit that they are, and see working all day, evening and all through the night at the expense of every other area in their lives as a reasonable way of life. This will call for some serious unlearning of what has become normal.

Well I look forward to taking this journey with you and check out the post tomorrow for the “Getting Started List”.

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