Day 1 of The 50 Day Change Challenge – Getting Started


It’s Day 1 of the 50 Day Change Challenge. If you’re reading this blog post you should have already decided on the key areas you’re going to work on. Whether changing your health habits, embarking on a new business venture or career, adding life balance or the pursuit of a deeper spiritual life. There are some physical things that you are just going to have to commit to doing. For instance, if you plan to lose a few pounds but never change your eating or exercise habits for 50 days… Guess what? After the challenge is over, you will look back and ask yourself “Where did the time go”?

Any significant change calls for some radical adjustment. You may need to wake up a little earlier, cut something out of your schedule or commit to using the Do Not Disturb button on your cell phone so you can get a good night sleep with no interruptions from the CEO. Whatever you’ll be working on for the next 50 days. It’s going to take some change on your part.

Some getting started pointers:

1. Vision – How do you see yourself after 50 days? This is a vital ingredient of being successful at your challenge. Without vision, your goal will not be sustained. You have to know where you’re going and what you want it to look like at the end. I’m suggesting that you write the vision down. How much weight do I want to lose? Who is this business going to serve? How much income do I want to make? What are the meaningful things I want to be doing? Writing the vision will keep you focussed when things try to go off track.

2. Journalling – This is a great way to do some introspection and be a lot more curious about yourself. Often times we don’t take the time to know ourselves internally and therefore don’t even know when we’ve fallen off the wagon. Journalling will heighten your awareness of what makes you procrastinate, complacent, depressed, lethargic etc. This kind of journalling is reflective in nature. So I suggest you find a quiet place where you can shut out all of the background noise and hear yourself think. You’ll also be able to see your progress which will encourage you to keep going. NEVER journalled before? Don’t worry I’m going to share some tips on how to do this.

3. Change your environment –  If you have a whole load of negative people and naysayers around you, Day 1 is a good time to gently let them down easy! You will never fulfil your challenge with a sea of negativity around you. They’ll always remind you of how many times you tried this and it didn’t work! So try and surround yourself with people of like mind and people who are encourager’s. If you can’t get rid of the naysayers due to having to work with them etc, then just don’t tell them what you’re doing. The proof is in the pudding and at the end of 50 days when you’re fitting into a size one, writing your resignation letter from that dead end job and going off to live your purpose, they’ll get it then!

4. Know your Triggers – Be aware of the things that make you slip back into old habits. We generally know these deep down inside but tend to ignore them. If you’re trying to cut you’re caffeine habit, hanging out at Starbucks is probably not the greatest past time for you at the moment.

5. Positive Confessions – The book of Proverbs says, “Death and life are in the power of the tongue”. And the writer should know because he was a pretty wise guy! As a woman of faith I’ve made a daily practice of taking excerpts from the bible that speak to my specific situation and confessing them aloud, this has worked wonders and proven some very tangible results in my life. Whatever your beliefs this is just one of those universal principles like the law of gravity. What you speak will manifest positively or negatively.

7. Reflection – In today’s increasingly busy society, reflection has become a lost art. However, it’s important if you’re trying to move your life from one place to the next that you make this a priority. Reflection really builds your awareness because it allows you to take a deeper look at your current beliefs, actions and behaviours. A word of warning with this one, if your lifestyle is busy. Don’t wait for the perfect time. I have a young family and am running a business and I do this between sitting in the car waiting for the school bell to ring or waiting for one my kids to finish an after school activity, I’ve practised using this time to reflect.

8. Accountability – Find someone you can be accountable to that can ask you the hard questions if you start to slip back into the old ways. Preferably not the sergeant major type that takes it upon themselves to monitor your progress as a full time job. You need just enough peer pressure to keep you on track.

And lastly, this is not a race to the finish line. Take your time and enjoy the journey!

See you tomorrow!


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