Day 2 of The 50 Day Change Challenge – Curiosity DOESN’T Kill Cats!


You DID it! You’ve made it to day 2 of the 50 Day Change Challenge. So let’s recap with these questions…

1. Have you written the vision down and placed it in a visible place?
You’re going to need to see and remember it if you feel like slipping back into old habits.

2. Who have you told about what you’re doing?
Accountability is key to your success.

3. Have you calved out any time in your schedule for reflection?
Remember, don’t wait for the perfect circumstances. Do it anywhere that you get a couple of minutes on your own.

4. Have you said goodbye to the naysayers?
You’ll never succeed if you have the wrong people around you.

5.What are you’re triggers?
Stay away from things that are going to send you back into your old ways.

6. Have you been speaking positively about yourself and what you’re doing?
Pity parties and self destructive language is not going to cut it! Start saying aloud what you want to happen.

7. Have you started your Reflective Journalling yet?

Which brings me to the How To of the day? Reflective Journaling

What is a Reflective Journal?
Find a quiet place where you shut out all the background noise and become extremely curious about you! Ask yourself questions about your attitude, beliefs and behaviours. What are you finding hard about reaching your goal and why? What are the radical changes you’re going to have to make to see long lasting results? Journaling is a place where you get to know yourself.

Being of Christian persuasion, I like to do this with prayer, meditation and reflective bible passages. This way, I don’t just ask the questions but I receive answers from the source that’s much more able to equip me to make the changes I need to. However you choose to be reflective, the point is that it’s not a diary of your day. Journalling is a practical and highly effective tool you can use to become more aware of YOU.

How do I start?
Today’s world is so noisy. Smart phones, computers, cars, busy lifestyles, gruelling deadlines, you name it. That’s why finding a quiet place to journal is important. You need to hear yourself think and cut out the chatter of your own mind too.

Once you’re in that quiet place and the dust has settled, start to ask yourself questions. The things you’ve always wanted to know about YOU! This sounds strange but we spend so much time engaging in activities and very little time with ourselves. We know everything about our work, families, church, relationships, which are all good and beneficial but if you’re not careful, you can find that life is just one big pot of activity with no substance. We’ve forgotten how to enjoy alone time and journaling is a great way to nurture the lost art.

If you have a busy lifestyle and you’re not used to being by yourself often, journaling may feel a little strange at first. Don’t worry, that’s normal. Try it for a few minutes at a time and soon you’ll find you won’t be able to keep up with the keyboard or pen.

What do I write about?
Well like I said once you get used to it, the questions will come but for now, journal about the 50 Day Change Challenge. What goals have you set? How do you plan to achieve them? What are your limiting beliefs? What are your areas of strength. What lessons have you learned from past failures in this area?

It’s time to get curious!

Have a great day and if you like what you’v read, I’d love your feedback. It would be great to have you follow my blog also.

And finally remember that…

Opinions belong to others, Choices belong to you ~ Charmaine Sealey

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