Day 3 -The 50 Day Change Challenge – Accountability Factor


It’s Day 3 of the 50 Day Challenge and you’re doing great! so just a quick recap…

You’ve found your quiet place to journal, you’re asking yourself the hard questions, you know what to journal about and now it’s time for the next step…

How are you going to ensure you stay on track? Remember I spoke about accountability on day one, well now it’s time to put that into full motion.

1. Have you chosen your accountability partner or persons?

2. Is it a person/s who will tell you the truth but still give you the leg room to get into your groove?

3. If you’re working on a ‘Big Picture’ goal like starting a business or making a career transition you may want to consider a Coach. This will ensure that your accountability is monitored closely and you’ll better be able to measure your growth.

4. Set a specific and mutual time that you can call or meet with your accountability partner and try and stick to it. I’m suggesting that you keep the same time each day, where possible. When building new habits it’s important to be consistent. This is not the time to hide and eat your M&M’s behind the shower curtain. Be as open as possible so that you can get the help and support you’re going to need to reach your goal.

5. If you’re working on your health and starting a balanced diet and work out programme, you may want to find a workout partner. The healthy peer pressure is a great way to bust the blubber.

6. Remember, the most important person you are being accountable to is yourself! Cheat the system and you cheat YOU!

Thanks for dropping by my blog. Leave your comments and let me know what you’re doing to adopt new beliefs, behaviours and habits and kick old ones.

See you tomorrow!

Tell me what you think before you GO!

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