Day 4 – The 50 Day Change Challenge – Think Right, Speak Right!


Great to see you here! It’s day 4 of the 50 Day Change Challenge. You’ve set your goal, you have your accountability partner/s and some of you have even calved out the space to journal.

Now it’s time to align your speech …

Have you ever had a think about what you think? Funny question isn’t it? But very important. There are so many negative images, words and projections going on in our world on a daily basis, you’d be surprised how much all of this negative noise can affect the way you think, believe and eventually what you say.

With the current global financial crisis, as a business person it’s quite difficult not to notice all of the negative media you’re bombarded with everyday about why your business is bound to fail in this time. You start a diet and someone will be quick to tell you that it doesn’t make sense being healthy because all of the fruits and veg you’re eating are full of pesticides which will kill you anyway.

So the first thing you have to do to speak right, is to think right!

What do you think about you? What are your beliefs about being successful at what you’re doing? Do you monitor your thought life and eject all of the negative thoughts that try to bombard your mind and tell you you’re going to fail?

Once you’ve started being a bit more conscious about your thinking, it’s time to start monitoring what you’re saying.

I’ve adopted positive confession as a regular part of my life because I have seen the tangible effects of being consistent in this discipline.

Think about it. If you get up every morning and say “It’s a great day, I feel strong, positive and able to complete all I have to do today”; it positions your mind to be successful. On the contrary, if you wake up and say, “What a lousy day, nothing’s going to work today”, chances are you’re not going to see the silver lining of life at any turn.

As a woman of faith, I pick certain passages of the bible which I believe to be the word of God and confess them aloud until I see that particular thing happen in my life. I’m relying on a source that I believe is much more able to bring about these changes in my life than I am. Whatever, your method, the point is, you have to speak the right things to get the right results.

Make sure you make your confessions aloud. Why? Because as you keep hearing those positive words it will eventually affect your belief system or faith.

So here’s the challenge. Today, start thinking about what you think and say. See how many times you have a negative thought about succeeding. When that thought comes, think about all the positive things that could happen instead and start saying them aloud.

I’d love to know how it went for you, so feel free to leave your comments for me.

See you tomorrow.

Tell me what you think before you GO!

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