Day 6 – 50 Day Change Challenge


You’ve made it to day 6. That’s something to celebrate!

Today’s the day that you want to take some time to look back on your week and see how well you’ve done.

Depending on the changes you’re trying to make, or the new behaviors you’re adopting; it’s important at this stage to take stock and evaluate your progress. You want to specifically look at things that:

1. Helped you be consistent and how you can sustain these practices for life.

2. Challenged your new beliefs, practices and tried to take you back into the old habits.

3. You need to adopt or get rid of to promote your success.

Reflection allows you to:

Reduce the background noise so you can hear yourself think. Sounds strange but in today’s noisy world being able to hear yourself is becoming a rarity unless you make it a deliberate practice.

Examine your behaviors, beliefs and actions to better understand why you do the things you do. This is better known as self-assessment.

Learn from past or current situations so you can use your new thinking for the next time around.

Make small changes and achieve small wins – ‘the progress principle’.

Move from experience to understanding.

Reflection doesn’t have to take hours. You can try and catch some reflect time in the waiting room while waiting for an appointment or sitting in bumper to bumper traffic that just doesn’t seem to be moving. It’s an excellent way to build your awareness and bring some vision for the way forward.

Congrats for making it this far and don’t forget to drop a line to let me know how the 50 Day Challenge is helping you.

See you tomorrow.


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