Day 8 – 50 Day Change Challenge – Belief Matters


It’s day 8 of the 50 Day Change Challenge and it’s time to start going a little deeper into building long lasting life change. The fact that you’ve decided to take this challenge probably means that you’ve been wanting to change some of your beliefs, habits and behaviours for quite a while. But we all know that changing deep rooted habits and behaviours will not happen unless we believe things can really change.

Remember the saying ‘Old habits die hard?’ Well in a way it’s true and so do limiting beliefs. Did you know that what you believe about yourself, others and the world around you will determine how far you go in life?

I grew up in an extremely poor community. When I go back to that community now as an adult, I see many of the people that lived there when I was a child, some extremely talented and gifted. They’re still hanging in the same places, working at the same jobs, doing the same things and all because they didn’t believe that they could do better in life and move beyond their circumstances and environment.

So you’re asking. “What’s the relevance between that story and this 50 Day Change Challenge?” Well it’s simple. We become the product of what we believe!

No amount of passion or good will can bring about life long change if your belief system has kinks in it. For example: If you’re extremely passionate about launching out and starting a new business but somewhere in the back of your mind you believe that it won’t work in this current Global financial crisis, no matter how fool proof your business plan is, your business is likely to fail.

Why? Because that self fulfilling prophecy of failure is more prevalent than you think. That hidden limiting belief, although not at the forefront, will always be there niggling at your energy and desire until you no longer have the passion to fulfil your dreams and goals.

This is why it’s important when embarking on improving yourself or making life changes, you ask yourself some simple questions:

What do I believe about what I’m doing?

Do I believe I can succeed?

What do I believe about my end result?

What past fears still exist about what I’m embarking on and why are they still active?

What new beliefs do I need to adopt to make the changes I want to see?

Today, take some time to go through your belief system, identify current belief patterns and then you’ll be able to see what new beliefs need to take their place.

Thanks for joining me again today. It’s always great to hear from you so feel free to drop me a line to let me know how this is helping you.

See you tomorrow.

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