Day 11- 50 Day Change Challenge


Well I’m in Cuba on day 11 and my experiences so far have inspired me to write today’s post.

Limitations are formed out of our negative thoughts, actions and beliefs, resulting in a posture of self defeat and lack.

Limiting beliefs help to inform our speech and actions so we spout negative declarations such as “It can’t be done” or behave in a way that disqualifies us from ever reaching the finish line.

As I travel around Cuba this week I’m amazed at the external limitations that have been placed on the people here due to the Socialist regime.

Through no fault of their own, they’re forced to abide by a set of rules and laws that limits their decision making, choices and opportunity to impact the rest of the world.

Which got me thinking; What’s our excuse? I’m assuming that the majority of you reading this post, unlike Cubans have never had to ration food and have probably never even seen a food stamp. Up to now I hadn’t either. Most of us cannot even comprehend a national wage of US$18 per working citizen.

We’ve got every conceivable thing at our fingertips, countless opportunities and endless possibilities but yet we still allow our own internal destructive self talk, words of others and past experiences that are no longer relevant limit and undermine our moving forward.

My experience in Cuba has made me appreciative of my freedom of expression. The freedom to make life giving choices.

Today, I’m encouraged that our invisible walls of limitation can be broken down by adopting the right mindset.

So what mindsets do you need to adopt to breakthrough those limitations that hold you back?

The Cubans have a dictatorship that we all hope one day will be broken.

But you have been given the power to break them before they break you!

See you tomorrow.


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