Day 15 – 50 Day Change Challenge – A Friend Called Failure!

It’s day 15 already. WELL DONE! You’re nearly a third of the way to instilling some new mindsets, habits and behaviours and kicking some old and unwanted ones.

There’s one topic that I have to touch on if we’re going to talk about growth, change and success. It’s a word that should by now be our friend but we often see it as our foe and that’s the word FAILURE.

I once heard a mentor of mine say “If you have a big pot of success, the first ingredient to go in needs to be failure”. Wow, what a great visual. This further helped me to understand that whatever new or on going project or life change we’re undertaking, amidst the success of our financial forecast, the fool proof business plan and our justifications of why success is the only outcome, we must factor in room to fail.

Why? Because with failure we:

1. Learn critical lessons about ourselves and others involved in the world around us
2. Build fortitude if we have the right attitude
3. Make better choices the next time around if we’re willing to learn from our mistakes and past experiences

I’ve begun to view failure as a thermometer of the heart. It’s tests our strengths, shapes our character and makes us or breaks us internally, depending on our response to it. Failure is an inside job!

If you’re like me you would have encountered failure at some stage of your life. I’ve definitely had my fair share of failed careers, relationships, finances etc. You name it, it’s crossed my path.

So if you’re on this 50 Day Challenge and you feel as if you’ve failed because you:

1. Had a midnight binge and broke your healthy eating plan
2. Were set on going Vegan but that rump steak got the better of you
3. Quit smoking but on day 15 a pack of Marlborough Lights is calling your name
4. Are having second thoughts about quitting that dead end job for something more meaningful
5. Went chicken feet on that business plan you’ve been working on
6. Haven’t yet cemented that quiet time to improve your prayer and spiritual life
7. Missed the past few days of exercise

No matter how far you think you’ve fallen; It’s time to get up and get back on the challenge!

Failure affects us all but it’s not the falling down that’s the problem. It’s the refusal and inability to get back up and start again. It’s time for some internal questioning. Go back to the beginning of the challenge and ask yourself:

What triggered the lapse?
How’s my environment?
Am I journaling as I should?
Am I being accountable to anyone?
Are the vision and goals still visible to me daily?

Don’t allow failure to overcome you. You can get back up again!

See you tomorrow.


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