Day 16 – 50 Day Change Challenge – Give Up to Get Up!


Welcome to Day 16 of the 50 Day Change Challenge and it’s time to come to terms with the word SACRIFICE!

Have you ever heard of the saying “You have to give up to get up”? Well it’s kind of true in a sense. You see there’s no growth or success without sacrifice.

To be the change that you want to see, there has to be sacrifice. To get to where you desire to go can only happen if you give up the things that keep you stuck, stunted and limited.

There’s another part of sacrifice that is equally hard and that’s when you have to give up the things that are not necessarily harmful to you but are just not going to propel you into the next level of greatness that you were born for.

I recently conducted some work for a client and while speaking with him he shared that he was very happy in his job and earning the salary he requested but there was one thing missing. As I began to dig a little deeper and become curious about his passion, he soon learned that deep in his heart he had a desire to own his own business instead of working so hard to make someone else rich! He realised that day that although he was comfortable, he was stuck! He seemingly had everything his head ever wanted but did not possess the things that his heart desired.

You may be in a really great job that you love but there are some questions you need to ask yourself:

Is this the purpose I was born for? Am I truly fulfilled in my current place in life? How is my current position growing me and adding maximum value to others?

It’s house cleaning day on the challenge. It’s time to evaluate the things, people, ideas, mindsets and behaviours that no longer serve you and let them go so that you can gain your ultimate goals.

So the question today is… What do you need to Give up, to Get Up?

See you tomorrow.

Tell me what you think before you GO!

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