Day 17 – 50 Day Change Challenge – Priorities


So on day 17 I’m looking at what’s really important. I’m always amazed at my 9 year old daughter’s game plan. At the beginning of the year she’s all fired up about saving money so she can buy her Christmas presents.

By the time summer comes around and she’s gazed on all the girly summer fashions, she’s forgotten all about what she set out to do for Christmas and has gotten sidetracked with the now instead of the future. She wants to take all that she’s saved and be gratified immediately. It’s clear to see at this stage that her priorities have gone straight out the window. What’s amazing is that she still somehow expects that the presents are going to magically appear at the end of the year, even though her impulse to spend all of her money early doesn’t coincide with her end result.

I liken this to adults when we’re trying to lose weight, start a new project or make an important life change. We tend to put all sorts of activities and ventures before our main priorities and somehow feel a sense of entitlement that we should still get what we desire without putting the effort in.

If you want to establish your goals and build some life changing habits and behaviours that will propel you forward, you have to set priorities and stick to them.

So what’s the best way to set priorities? Well I like to sum them up as the long and short term goals that really matter to me. To set them you should be:

1. Thinking about what really matters to you on a long term and short term basis. This could vary from deciding to be present at your son’s first football game to becoming the CEO of a large organisation.

2. Identifying those activities that boost your energy, harnessing your creativity and spending most of your time engaging in these.

3. Examining the relationships around you that add value to your goals and dreams and keeping the ‘Dream Builders’ close. The right relationships are important to your success and spending a lot of time around people that have some of the same values, will mean that you are not being side tracked off of your priorities to fulfil someone else’s.

You should ask yourself…

What are the big things and small things that I really need extra time to work on?

How would I like to be spending my time if I could clear my schedule and eliminate many of my day-to-day demands?

How will these changes serve me and who else will they benefit?

Prioritising is worth every ounce of effort. Just taking some time to put your thoughts, actions and relationships into perspective can save you time, effort and valuable energy that you could be using to reach your goals.

So what’s most important to you? Once you answer this question you’ll be well on your way to putting the right things in your life in the right place.

See you tomorrow.

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