Day 20 – 50 Day Change Challenge – Get to the Finish Line


Can you believe it’s day 20 of your Change Challenge already. Isn’t it amazing when you start a new project or long awaited life change that the time flies by so quickly? That’s why today’s topic is so important. Finishing!

Lack of finishing is probably the biggest defeater of dreams. The inability to see it through to the end is that silent monster called abortion, that lurks in the wings just waiting to slap the “Don’t bother to complete it” at you. Why is the monster silent? Because it seems to wait until you’ve gotten to the near end and just about to reach the finish line to start defeating you with improbability, doubt, fear and discouragement.

Well I’ve got news for you today and it’s The GOOD News! You’re nearer the end than when you first started and you can complete it! You have been given all of the resources you need to be all that you can be. Whatever project or life plan you’re working on. Know this, you have already been fully equipped for the challenge and goals set before you. But it’s up to you to finish the job.

You can pray as hard as you want and confess a dozen positive affirmations. Unless you determine in your heart to finish, you never will.

There are some vital benefits to finishing.

Finishing has a way of making us feel accomplished. Finishing propels us to go for an even bigger challenge next time. When you look back and see where you’ve come from and how much you’ve achieved, I assure you, you’ll” feel so much more accomplished than if you give up and quit now.

I’ve seen so many people give up just at the tip of the breaking point. Can you imagine what would of happened if the inventors of the first light bulb, Coca Cola, Microsoft, Apple or the Sistine Chapel gave up before they broke through into the genius of their inventions? Well for one none of us would have a blog on WordPress. Shudder to think!

So my encouragement for you today if you are taking the 50 Day Challenge, is to keep going. Or if you’re not taking the challenge but you’re reading my posts for encouragement. Keep the finish line in sight. You’re nearer than you were and you’re much closer to the finish line than you are the beginning.

See you tomorrow

Tell me what you think before you GO!

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