Day 13 – 50 Day Change Challenge – Perfectionism is Overrated!

I grew up in the UK and I remember my childhood being plagued with the false notion of perfectionism. Be it perfect speech a.k.a The Queens English or the emaciated human temple of the models of that time, which were seen as perfect. No matter the medium, we were always being sent the message of perfectionism.

I believe this is one of the most damaging ills. Continue reading

Day 11- 50 Day Change Challenge


Well I’m in Cuba on day 11 and my experiences so far have inspired me to write today’s post.

Limitations are formed out of our negative thoughts, actions and beliefs, resulting in a posture of self defeat and lack.

Limiting beliefs help to inform our speech and actions so we spout negative declarations such as “It can’t be done” or behave in a way that disqualifies us from ever reaching the finish line. Continue reading

Day 10 – 50 Day Change Challenge – The ‘F’ Word

It’s day 10 of the Change Challenge and I’m talking about the `Fear Factor’. I once heard an acronym for the word FEAR that I just think sums it up in a nutshell. False Evidence Appearing Real! Wow, what an accurate analogy of this word. I’ve often asked myself how can this tiny four letter word hold so much power?

I make no bones when I say that as a woman of faith, I have found no other way to address this crippling entity except through prayer and other more spiritual means. Whatever your beliefs or methods of dealing with fear, I’m sure you’ve experienced fear and you’ll agree that this potent emotion has caused you to stagnate in some area of your life at some time.

Why is fear so crippling? Continue reading

Why Don’t I like Mondays?

It's Monday

Years ago I dreaded Monday mornings! Why? Because I viewed them as the day that interrupted the bliss of my weekend. I remember waking up with a headache that wasn’t caused from a hangover. But from a deep depression of having to go to my dreaded place of work and grind for another 5 days before the weekend euphoria set in again.

I spent years drudging through Monday morning, clock watching and lip pursing as I put my lipstick on in the ladies at 4:15pm awaiting the 4:30pm end of day close off. Coat, hat and bag all lined up at my desk in a row Continue reading

Day 8 – 50 Day Change Challenge – Belief Matters


It’s day 8 of the 50 Day Change Challenge and it’s time to start going a little deeper into building long lasting life change. The fact that you’ve decided to take this challenge probably means that you’ve been wanting to change some of your beliefs, habits and behaviours for quite a while. But we all know that changing deep rooted habits and behaviours will not happen unless we believe things can really change.

Remember the saying ‘Old habits die hard?’ Well in a way it’s true and so do limiting beliefs. Did you know that what you believe about yourself, others and the world around you will determine how far you go in life? Continue reading

Day 7 – 50 Day Change Challenge – Consistency is Key!


You’re into your first week toward NEW beliefs, behaviours and life changes in a particular area of your life. Well DONE!

One of the biggest enemies of moving an area of your life from where it is, to where you want it to be is lack of consistency. So moving into week 2 of the 50 Day Change Challenge, you’re going to need to plan ahead toward reaching your goals.

It’s important to break your goal down into  Continue reading

Day 6 – 50 Day Change Challenge


You’ve made it to day 6. That’s something to celebrate!

Today’s the day that you want to take some time to look back on your week and see how well you’ve done.

Depending on the changes you’re trying to make, or the new behaviors you’re adopting; it’s important at this stage to take stock and evaluate your progress. You want to specifically look at things that: Continue reading

Day 5 – The 50 Day Change Challenge – Friend or Foe?

Welcome back. Day 5 and I’m guessing that by now you’ve started to get into the groove of getting nearer the goals you set for your challenge.

Still don’t have everything in place? Don’t worry, there’s still time. Don’t let perfection stop you from starting. There’s no better place to start than at the beginning.

This is the time you’re going to need outside support so Continue reading