Day 23 – 50 Day Challenge – Perspective

50 Day Challenge

It’s day 23 and today I’m talking about PERSPECTIVE. Perspective is so important to growth and success because it determines the lens that you see out of.

Our perspective on life and the world around us dictates whether we see possibilities or doom and gloom. Have you ever sat next to a cynical or negative person in a train, bus, elevator  or any other tight space where you cannot easily escape out of the back door? After a few minutes you start to feel caged because of their negativity. Some people live their lives like that, believing that the entire world is against them.

I remember growing up in the UK in the 70’s where racism was still pretty rampant but we never focussed on it because my father always told us that we were not to blame the society for not succeeding. He taught and instilled in us a drive to rise above the ignorance of the racism around us and become who we wanted to become. I never forgot that lesson. It helped me so much throughout certain periods of my childhood, teenage years and adulthood.

Many of my friends would talk in class, play truant from school and do everything under the sun to defy authority and then when it was time to be disciplined or face the consequences, they’d complain it was because they were black. Growing up we were not taught to see life through those eyes. All of that time my father ensured through his council that we kept the right perspective of life and looked through the window of positivity.

So today I’m asking the question…

What’s your perspective?

Do you look out at life from the lens of positivity or negativity?

When a crisis hits your life do you easily blame everyone else but yourself?

Do you take every little thing someone says or does personally?

Before you can truly succeed at your goals and dreams, you have to get the right perspective on life and others. Does it mean that you are never allowed to speak about your problems or issues? No of course it doesn’t. But what it does mean is that you need to put those issues into the right perspective and beyond them see all of the other great things that may be hidden from you because you’ve adopted a negative mindset.

There are 4 key actions that I take to preserve a positive perspective:

1. Constantly read and say what God says about me. I find His word so positive that once I read it I’m inspired to keep going.

2. I hang around others who have a positive one.

3. I try to listen to myself when I’m speaking. That sounds strange but you’d be amazed how quickly negative self talk can seep in before you even realise you’re doing it.

4. Confess positive affirmations on a daily basis. This helps to shape my thinking that life is for me and not against me.

My challenge to you today is to do the perspective challenge and see what yours is.

See you tomorrow!


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