Day 31 – 50 Day Change Challenge – Honesty

50 Day Challenge
It’s Day 31 and today I want to focus on the personal honesty factor.

This is an area that has really helped me with my growth and continues to help me reach my goals.

It’s one thing to be honest with others but it’s quite another thing to be honest with ourselves. Often we make so many excuses about why we haven’t completed a task, changed an attitude, used our time wisely and the list goes on. But if we’re really honest with ourselves, deep down we know it’s because we just haven’t applied the effort and dedication to get the job done.

So what causes us to deflect our responsibility, make excuses and blame others for our own lack of commitment to the process of growth and improvement?

This is where personal honesty comes into play. Being honest about our deficiencies in any particular area is the first step to getting to where we really want to be.

You can take all the challenges you want and sign up for all the latest motivational seminars but if you never face the fact that you’re not where you really want to be because of you, you’ll be going around in circles and staying stagnant in that particular area for a lifetime.

So what do you need to fess up for?

If you’ve been following this challenge; have you given it you’re absolute all? Have you been as diligent to the process as you know is required? Who or what are you blaming for your lack of discipline?

I’ll leave you with this thought… Today’s honesty day. Growth programmes can set you on the right path but you are the one who has to work on getting the results.

See you tomorrow.


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