Day 32 – 50 Day Change Challenge – Seeing Opportunity

50 Day Challenge

It’s Day 32 and with 18 days to go until the New Year begins it’s time to start thinking about what possibilities are ahead of us. Today I’m looking at opportunity. A New Year signifies newness, the turning of a new page, a new season and new opportunities to be taken and explored. But opportunities will only become a reality if we see them and take advantage of the moment in time that they present themselves.

To a large extent, our world view is what determines our success or failure when it comes to taking the bull by the horns and grasping the opportunities that stand before us.

The dictionary definition for opportunity means a set of favourable circumstances. This suggests that the opportunities are going to  bring about something in our lives that’s beneficial to us. Even if they bring with them adversity and loss, there will still be some area of growth and value from the lessons we learn.

The turn of a New Year affords us the canvas to fulfil the dreams and goals we did not achieve in the previous year. But in order to achieve these, we have to ensure that we’ve put the effort, time and diligent work in. Why? Because our preparedness + our opportunity = our expected successful outcomes.

So as the window of this year closes and a brand new one opens. What is your world view?

Are you looking for the possible opportunities that are awaiting you? And when you see them, what actions are you going to take to make them a reality?

Don’t stand at the door of opportunity and knock. Open the door and go through it.

See you tomorrow.


Tell me what you think before you GO!

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