Day 37 – 50 Day Change Challenge – Live Your Dream

50 Day Challenge

It’s day 37 and today I’m dedicating this post to my father, Lloyd Salmon. It would have been his birthday today but he passed away 4 years ago.

We were black in a predominantly white community. At that time in the UK there was quite a lot of racism. Although we hadn’t personally experienced it, we had heard about it or had friends who had  experienced it.

Many of my friends used  their colour as an excuse for not getting along in life. I still remember the famous words, “It’s because I’m black”. This statement used to infuriate my father. Not because racism wasn’t a reality but because he hated the fact that people would use this as an excuse not to be the best they  could be.

Needless to say that those words were banned in our house. My father instilled in us that nobody could take our freedom or put us in bondage unless we allowed them to. He always encouraged us to deal with it head on if we ever experienced it but never to use our colour as a crutch. For him being black was not a disability but an honour.

He encouraged me to be who I was made to be rather than what other people would try and mold me into becoming.

Today I am also honoured to be featured on John C Maxwells’ Facebook Page for his ‘Part of the Team, Living the Dream’ Series. If my dad was alive today he would have stood tall and felt proud that his words made a difference in my life. Proud that his words impacted me to live my dream.

I encourage you to live yours.

What is your dream?

See you tomorrow.

Tell me what you think before you GO!

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