Day 38 – 50 Day Change Challenge – The Process

50 Day Challenge

It’s Day 38 and I’m really excited that there are only 12 days left until the New Year. I must admit, I love the turn of another year because I always feel a sense of expectancy. There’s a feeling of another opportunity to be different and do things differently. The New Year gives us a sense of a new leaf being turned, the entering of a new phase. It’s definitely my most wonderful time of the year!

New and exciting experiences are always great no matter what time of the year they come. But there’s something that we don’t tend to like as much as the new and shiny and that’s the process. Yes, that little word process seems to  signify the element of hardship, challenge and adversity.

The new and shiny is attractive and taps into our emotions. The thought of something new makes us feel good and arouses our senses. But the process on the other hand, tends to make us feel apprehensive and even afraid at times. Let’s be honest, we just don’t want to go through the hard places.

The process is the place between you and your goal or dream. It’s can be the place that we find ourselves despondent, weary, challenged, broken and sometimes alone. The process is a place of misunderstanding, stagnation and sometimes desperation.

But the process is also a place of great growth, development and internal change. It’s the place that we must go through, so we can build character, awareness and consistency. Although we don’t like the process very much, we grow so much more as we go through it than we do at any other time.

One of the keys of getting through the process is understanding its importance to our life journey. If we try and skip the process we never learn and our vital life lessons are aborted.

So today my question is… How are you growing through the process? What are you learning from it?

These are questions well deserving of answers. The process can make us or break us.

See you tomorrow.

Tell me what you think before you GO!

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