Day 40 – 50 Day Change Challenge – Season of Change

50 Day Challenge
Can you believe it’s day 40 already? Today I’m looking at the number 40 and it’s relevance to pivotal turning points in our lives.

There’s a popular saying, “Life begins at 40”. To tell you the truth I always thought this saying was only for people who were getting older and trying to justify their journey toward the other side of the hill.

But when I turned forty, my perspective changed dramatically. My life began to make many demands of me. The need to bring significance to the lives of others and to be concerned about the worlds social causes leaped to the forefront of my life. These were things that bared very little significance just a few years prior.

At forty I became me. I was no longer trying to be someone else and my tolerance level for anyone trying to mold me into who they want me to be grew extremely thin.

I’ve heard countless stories from people who left their 20 year corporate careers to venture into their passion at forty.

There are multiple historical accounts of where the number forty transitioned nations and lives. You may remember the Children of Israel who wandered around the wilderness for 40 years. It took them this long to build an alliegence to their God and trust him wholeheartedly so that they could enter their promised land.

Noah must have looked like a real nut when he started building an ark in the blazing sunshine. But after the rains fell for forty days and nights, I think he had convinced enough people by then. The outcome was the phenomenal promise of his God not to ever destroy mankind again.

And there’s Jesus. After fasting and being tempted for forty days, he transitioned into the most significant ministry that has ever hit the earth.

A woman generally carries a baby for forty weeks and then new life springs forth.

So forty is a critical time of change, transition and reinvention. It’s a time to make decisions that will change and affect the course of your life.

So my question today is…

What life changing decisions do you need to make on this 40th day?

What has changed you, transitioned you and caused you to reinvent yourself?

I’d love to hear your views on this subject so drop me a line and share it with me and others who read this blog.

See you tomorrow!

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