Day 42 – 50 Day Change Challenge – Vision

50 Day Challenge

It’s day 42 and with eight more days to go before the end of this challenge I want to look at Vision. The challenges that I set have been great for me. I’ve been able to build a new habit of writing and get rid of a bad habit of delay and procrastination in that area. But although there have been some great benefits, now it’s time to think about continuation and how you’re going to sustain the new habits you’ve formed and keep out the old habits that you got rid of.

Vision is what gives the goal holder sight. It’s the key ingredient to being able to have a goal and see where it’s going. Without a vision, people lose focus, get distracted, switch to doing other things less impactful and become despondent.

Have you ever worked for a business or reported to a manager that lacked vision? I know I’ve had my fair share of them and it’s absolutely frustrating to say the least. We all have an inert need to at least know where we are going. You don’t wake up in the morning, get into your car or other form of transportation without knowing where you’re going to end up. Do you?

So why do we think we can just meander through life without direction? It’s vision that keeps our passion alive when situations arise that have the potential to throw us off course. It’s vision that keeps us moving toward the finish line even when we feel tired and spent. It’s vision that gives us the reminder that the dream is worth it after all. But yet so many people do not have a clear vision of where they want to go. At the very least you should know that North and South are in two completely different directions.

If you have no vision or direction in life you’ll end up going in a direction called nowhere!

So my question today as we near the end of the challenge is; What’s your vision? What’s going to take you past the last day of this challenge into the New Year? What’s going to hold your passion in tact when the hard hits come? And they will come!

It would be great to hear from you on what your vision is to take you forward. Leaving a comment is always really helpful for others that may read this post also.

See you tomorrow.

Tell me what you think before you GO!

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