Day 43 – 50 Day Change Challenge – Have Fun While you’re doing it!

50 Day Challenge

It’s day 43 and today I’m looking at the word FUN! Fun is such an important ingredient for whatever we’re doing. Whether you’ve joined this challenge to lose weight, start a business, get back on track, build your stamina, dream again… It must never get that serious that you stop having fun on the way to your goal.

I’ve made a life decision and it’s simply that I’ll be willing to let go of anything and anyone that tries to stop me from having fun! The drive toward the goal can sometimes overwhelm you and this is where you have to step back from it, let it go and enjoy the process.

It’s Christmas Eve, I’m not doing a long post today because it’s the night of perfecting Eggnog, slow cooking turkey and gift wrapping. But I do just want to encourage you that it’s not all about the goal.

I’m all for focus, vision and strategy but even more, I like to have fun during the process. I never want to feel as if it’s a slog or a drudge. When we get too intense and focussed on the end result, we can lose sight of what we started out to do in the first place.

So today’s post is just a reminder that while you’re charging ahead to reach your goals and define your dreams. Stop and ask yourself… Am I still enjoying it’? Am I still in it for the same reasons as when I started? What do I have to do to keep having fun while I work toward reaching my goal?

Well that’s it for today. I’m off to have FUN! And I sincerely hope over this Christmas Season you will too!

Merry Christmas and see you tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Day 43 – 50 Day Change Challenge – Have Fun While you’re doing it!

  1. This is such great advice. It is very sad when the things you once loved to do become a chore. I am a dance instructor for children and every now and then it can be more of a job than fun, but it is mostly fun.

    I was not looking forward to wrapping gifts last night and then I had to remind myself that there are some people who don’t have any gifts to wrap. I put on the holiday music and wrapped with a positive attitude. It was therapeutic, actually.

    Thank you for all the wonderful questions at the end of your post! You are awesome!!!!

    • Wow! This just goes to show that thankfulness is a key ingredient of seeing the purpose in what we do. I love the turn around you made when not wanting to do something. Music on, thankful reflection and then actually find it rewarding. Thanks so much for your comments. I feel honoured that you have visited and made a major input on this subject. I think you’re pretty awesome too and I find your story very impactful.

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