Day 45 – 50 Day Change Challenge – The Art of Learning

50 Day Challenge

It’s day 45, there are only 5 days to go before the New Year begins. We’ve been on this challenge for 45 days and although we anticipated some outcomes that are well worthy of celebration, our successes do not come in reaching the goal alone.

Whenever you’re moving toward your goal and setting milestones there are a number of thoughts, feelings, emotions, successes and challenges you’ll experience along the way. It’s vital to ask yourself what you’ve learned from the journey.

Our focus should not only be on reaching a goal but on who we are becoming as we make our way towards it. The goal is really just a target to keep us focussed. But beyond the goal lies the learning necessary to ensure our growth.

Learning is an art. I say this because so many people go through situations and experiences but come out of them just as clueless as when they went in and sometimes even worse. Learning takes discipline because to truly learn we have to be committed to going through our experiences without taking short cuts. Any experience that’s worth learning from, will probably not take place over night. Through our learning we develop character and we mature.

Learning requires:

1. Awareness that we have something to learn in the first place

2. Humility to accept that we don’t have it all together or have all of the answers

3. Openness to new ideas and change

4. Commitment to make changes once you’ve discovered we need to make them

5. The desire to keep learning so we can keep growing

So today I’m asking the questions: What have you learned about you, through this challenge?

If you haven’t been following the challenge and are reading this blog for the first time. You can ask yourself; What are some of the things you’ve learned from trying to reach your goals.

What were your wins? What were your losses? How have they impacted your life to date?

The goal is important but what you’re learning about yourself on the way to the goal will sustain you way past your ability to achieve it.

See you tomorrow.

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