Day 46 – 50 Day Change Challenge – Just Jump Off!

50 Day Challenge

It’s day 46. I’m really encouraged because many of you from all different walks of life and various countries all over world have followed these blog posts right up to this point. It’s been a phenomenal journey walking through the challenge with others who desire life improvement and growth in whatever area.

It’s always great to have others around us who can hold our hands, help us through difficult times, coach us through the process and give us a kick in the rear end when we really need it. By now you’ll know that I’m all about motivating others and helping others reach their desired goals in life.

But today I have to take a bit of a turn and let you know that it’s time for you to JUMP OFF! Yes I said jump off. It’s time to do it on your own, take the risk, cross the road, enter the challenge, smell the danger, get the sweaty palms, enjoy the heart palpitations. JUST JUMP OFF!

Swimming Lessons

I remember years ago and I mean years ago! When I first learned to swim. Every week our form teacher would accompany a large group of kids from my class to the local swimming baths to learn how to swim. There was great comfort in us all learning to swim together. I absolutely loved the spongy inflatable floats that were lodged under my arms to keep me afloat. In fact I had become quite an expert at sitting on the side of the pool at the shallow end and slipping into the water with very little splash.

Then off I’d go with paddles underarm, kicking my little legs into oblivion. Our class teacher would cheer me on and I could hear the camaraderie of all of my class mates, routing for me to reach the finish line. I loved this time because there was so much support from people I loved and trusted which gave me a safe, warm and fuzzy feeling inside.

Examination Day

Finally, the day came when we were going to get our first swimming certificate for the 10 yard mark. Boy, was this a big day. We lined up at the school gate as normal, I held my partners hand and the large group of us followed our teacher in a neat double file and headed toward the swimming baths. We chattered and laughed as before but this time something was different! This time there was a realisation that when we got to the baths there would be no armbands, no teacher, not even my school mates to cheer me on.

This was examination day and I had to do it alone. I remember changing into my swimming suit with my heart pounding like never before. What if I failed? What if all that I had learned about swimming left me brain? What if the exam got cancelled that day and then I would have gotten out of  doing it? Well, that was quite a comforting thought, even though I knew that was never going to happen.

All of a sudden my name was called. I knew it had to be me because at that time there were no other Charmaine’s’ in the group. I walked over, very slowly to the swimming examiner. Probably what seemed like the longest walk ever, or at least up to that stage of my life. The biggest surprise was yet to come when the instructor walked me up to the deep end, took away my floats and told me that I was not going to sit on the side and slip into the water as before. But I was expected to JUMP OFF!!! What a defining moment for any child. You can imagine what was going through my mind at that time. The word RUN was forefront in my mind for sure.

With all the emotions, fear, doubt, excitement and adrenalin running through my body, finally I blanked all external distractions out and JUMPED OFF. To my surprise, I didn’t sink or drown. But something amazing happened. Everything I had learned in the past weeks about swimming merged into place. My body automatically started motioning exactly what it had been taught to do to stay alive, survive and get safely to the finish line.

What I learned…

I walked away that day with my 10 Yard swimming certificate. But more than that, I learned that there are times when you have to let go of all of the support systems, take the plunge, muster all that you’ve learned and JUST JUMP OFF!

So today my encouragement to you is now that we’ve all walked this learning and growing road together. After you’ve put all of your plans of action in place for 2014. After you’ve gotten more aware of you and your external world. After you’ve gathered all the principles possible for your success. It’s time to take the bull by the horns and put it all into action.

It’s time to… JUST JUMP OFF!

See you tomorrow.

Tell me what you think before you GO!

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