Day 47 – 50 Day Change Challenge – Lifting the Lid

50 Day Challenge
It’s day 47 and the countdown to 2014 is on. I really do love the turn of a New Year because regardless of what has happened previously, it’s coming to a close and I can almost feel a sense of freedom, a new expectancy and opportunity to shape it into what I desire. I specifically try to work on any of my limiting beliefs that may have capped my potential and deal with them so I can move into the New Year with sight and clear vision. There’s nothing worse than walking around and feeling as if you have an invisible barrier over your head of limitation and lack holding you back.

One of the most liberating times of my life was when I first got exposed to ‘The Law of the Lid’ a chapter from John C Maxwell’s book, The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership. It immediately resonated with me because it answered many questions about Managers and leaders I’d had over me previously. I was able to see how their lack of leadership awareness placed an invisible ceiling on my productivity and creativity.

The book had a dual effect on me because as well as see how I had been ‘lidded’, it also revealed how I had put a lid of limitation on the team I was leading at that time. Once I understood this law and how important it was for every leader at every level to hone it as an essential principle of leadership, my life and leadership point of view was revolutionised forever.

I went even further into the law and discovered that it wasn’t only relevant in corporate life, but The Law of the Lid was also relevant to the limitations I had placed on myself. I realised that I was plagued with limiting beliefs, doubts and fears about myself that had nothing to do with external forces. It was all to do with how I saw me.

The lens I had of me was my biggest problem! Because of my limiting belief system, I wasn’t able to fully succeed in the things I put my hands to or got involved in. Deep down their was a niggling insecurity that kept holding me back from really getting out there and engaging in the passions of my heart.

I had limiting beliefs about what people would think if I started being more motivational. (At that time transformational leadership was not as widespread and management was not about being emotionally intelligent). I limited my scope by thinking I wasn’t a good business person and that it was much better for me to work for someone else. I even limited myself by believing that because I was a high school drop out, I’d never truly make anything of myself. All of these limiting beliefs caused me to operate way below my potential and the gifts that God had placed in me. I had placed an invisible lid on myself that made it almost impossible for me to rise any higher than those beliefs would allow.

After I studied the Law of the Lid, I had an epiphany and that was, if I was going to fulfil my God given destiny, I was going to have to break past the glass ceiling of my mind and renew it according to what God said about me and who I was purposed to be.  This was not an overnight occurrence. It took quite a few years of positive declarations, affirmations and faith that I was going to be who I was born to be and the only person that could stop me, was me.

Once I had gotten the right alignment about my own lids and self limiting beliefs, it was time to tackle the limitations that others had placed on me. I had to refuse to accept all of the negative things people had said about me that had caused limitation in my life. I had to step out of all of the boxes that others had place around me.

So today’s post is about the lids that you have placed over yourself and the lids that others have placed on you. It’s time to break out! You know the ones I mean. The self destructive self talk that says you cannot achieve your goals. Or the close friend or family member that constantly picks away at your dream with destructive and negative comments.

It may mean that you have to get rid of some people out of your immediate environment who place limitations on you. It may mean a reduction in visits to certain family members. Whatever it means to you. It’s the day of breaking through those barriers and overcoming those limiting beliefs and behaviours that no longer serve where you’re going in life. It’s time to start…

Lifting your Lid!

Feel free to drop me a line to let me know how you’ve been able to break through certain barriers or if you need help lifting your lid, so you can go to the next level. I’d love to chat about this subject with others.

See you tomorrow.

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