Day 48 – 50 Day Change Challenge – Time for a Check Up

50 Day Challenge

It’s day 48 and we have 2 more days to go before an old year ends and the New Year begins. If you’ve been following this challenge and making the relevant and necessary life changes. I have news for you. Your New Year began 48 days ago. How? Because you made the choice of not being subjected to the New Year to start making resolutions about your life, that were probably only going to last for 1 week.

Did you know that approximately 74% of people keep their New Year Resolutions for at least week 1, but that number drops dramatically to 46% after 6 months. These statistics are quite alarming but true of how quite a few people plan for change. But you have built some life changing and lasting habits that will go much farther than this 50 Day Change Challenge and beyond.

Today I want to look at the concept of measurement. I like to call it the personal CHECK UP! 

One of the key elements of my coaching and training business is to provide relevant and tangible measurement tools for my clients to be able to measure where they began, intermediate progress, final results and some Key Improvement Indicators so they can keep measuring after I am no longer working with them. This affords my clients access to actively measure their own progress and have tangible evidence that change has taken place.

Measuring is such a great way of motivating you to keep going. Think about it. Have you ever engaged in an activity where you see your results over time? How do you feel when you start to see changes in your body, or growth in your business or progress with a difficult employee?

Without measuring your growth there’s absolutely no way of knowing if you’re on the right track or not. For instance, years ago my sister and I decided we wanted to lose weight and joined the local Weight Watchers Club. On signing up we were given a colourful package with all of the exciting low calorie recipes and information about the programme. But the key motivator of our weight loss  was the weekly weigh in. Without that the glossy package we received was useless. The driver behind our success was the fact that we had to follow the plan in the week, otherwise come weigh in day the truth would tell its own story. The weigh in was the measurement scale that Weight Watchers used to help their clients measure progress. I still remember the glee my sister and I felt as we left the weigh in with another 21bs scratched off of our cards.

When I go into organisations that are struggling with staff morale and motivation one of the first things I test is their Employee Appraisal Programme. 9 out of 10 times I can find the problem very quickly. The programme is either not comprehensive enough or there is no incentive in place for when employees have excelled and shown exemplary work and character. Measurement is key to performance. It empowers, affirms, evaluates and instructs a persons growth or lack there of. Results just do not lie!

Similarly, this principle holds true in the area of life growth. If we are not measuring our growth we generally: 

  1. Become prideful, blaming and accusing of others because we have no measure of our own progress or failure
  2. Think that we are right in our thinking and everyone else is wrong
  3. Develop warped judgment
  4. Lose momentum and motivation quickly
  5. Get confused and lose sight of the vision
  6. Feel and stay stuck because there’s no plumb line to measure progress

So the challenge for you today is to grab something to write with, look back over the past 48 days and begin to record all your areas of progress and failure. Yes, failure has to be measured too, so that you know what not to do next time.

Ask yourself… What worked well? What didn’t work at all?  How long did it take you to reach certain goals with the methods you used? Did you work harder or smarter?

What are the tangible evidences of growth? i.e.

  1. Amount of desired weight loss
  2. New business or customers
  3. Business idea coming to fruition
  4. New project getting off the ground and on target
  5. Emotional and attitudinal growth

Measurement will help you reevaluate progress, stay focussed, encourage you to keep moving and growing and provide a platform for continued growth.

See you tomorrow.

Tell me what you think before you GO!

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