Day 50 – 50 Day Change Challenge – New Beginnings

50 Day Challenge

It’s Day 50! CONGRATULATIONS for making it to the 50th Day of the challenge.

It’s time for New Beginnings. This is the last day of 2013 and as I mentioned in a previous post. If you’ve been on this challenge for 50 Days, your New Year has already begun! You gave your time and energy to whatever goal you had and I’m sure that your commitment has paid off.

I started this challenge because for the past couple of years I kept promising myself to build a habit of writing. But to be honest, I wasn’t doing that much about it. I’d blog and post a few things every now and then but I hadn’t set up any tangible systems to reach my desired outcome.

I decided that the only way to really get my writing desire off the ground was to be accountable to others. The problem with that was, I found there were still loop holes that I could use to make excuses for why I hadn’t written anything on a particular day. I knew I’d be able to make excuses to my friends and colleagues about how busy I was and how this affected my ability to write.

So I decided to widen the accountability factor and put the challenge out there on Facebook, Twitter and WordPress and turn it into a way to keep me committed to building my writing habit. Which I can say is now definitely formed. There’s nothing like making a promise to a few thousand people to keep you consistent! The fact that there were people viewing these posts from all over the world was very encouraging and it definitely gave me the energy to keep going.

What did I learn on this journey? 

  1. When you want to do something that you’ve never done before, don’t spend a lot of time deliberating. Just DO IT!
  2. An audience of one is just as important as an audience of many. Whether 1 person or 50 people read my posts, I was still committed to write for that one person as I was if I was writing for many
  3. The journey is more important than the goal
  4. Consistency is paramount to building a new habit or behaviour
  5. I can do anything if I put the time and effort in to do it
  6. Discipline + Determination = Successful Outcomes
  7. Commitment to any particular thing pays off
  8. Once a new habit or behaviour is formed, it’s just the beginning

After 50 days, I can say that I’ve definitely formed a healthy writing habit along with discipline, commitment and a real desire to help others through my blog posts.

But I’m aware that this is only the beginning. Today the goal post has moved and now it’s time to maintain the momentum and surpass the last 50 days. I’ve already decided on my writing schedule, the kind of content and how I’m going to get more involved in the blogging community.

So today my challenge is… Take time to build the next steps to your new beginning and decide on your new goal posts. This 50 Day Challenge may have come to an end but you have the power and potential to continue making the necessary growth changes for the rest of your life.

I would love some feedback on how the challenge has been for you. Even if you just popped by one day and found something helpful here. I’d love to know how it helped.

And feel free to stop by my blog anytime. I have lots of exciting things ahead in 2014 that I’d like to share with you.

Happy New Year and here’s to a BLAZING 2014!

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