Keys to Managing The Corporate Life (Part 1 of 4) – The Prison Break


I recently had a conversation with a friend of mine who mentioned that he was miserable in his current job and wanted desperately to get out. We chatted for a while about all of the reasons why he’d outgrown the role and about some probable next steps. During the conversation it was evident that Continue reading


Diary of a Gremlin Slaying Black Woman


Diary of a Gremlin Slaying Black Woman

Hey, today I’m honoured to be a featured writer on the John Maxwell Team Blog. Check out how a practical lesson helped me overcome the limiting belief of scarcity. If you’ve ever suffered from the limiting belief of Scarcity, this post is a MUST read for you! Leave a comment on the blog if you can relate.

Don’t Feed the Animals


I remember one of my first visits to the local zoo. Fully armed with my packed lunch I hopped on the school bus and anticipated a really great day.

When we arrived at the zoo our teacher at the time gave us a verbal list of do’s and dont’s like; stay together, no wondering off on our own etc and then we proceeded to meet the Continue reading