Just Say No


If you’re feeling overwhelmed in your life or job because everyone sees you as the goto person. I have great news for you. There’s tremendous POWER in the word NO. And it’s okay. Saying no doesn’t mean you’re not committed. It just means you understand that everything does not depend upon you.

Keys to Managing The Corporate Life (Part 1 of 4) – The Prison Break


I recently had a conversation with a friend of mine who mentioned that he was miserable in his current job and wanted desperately to get out. We chatted for a while about all of the reasons why he’d outgrown the role and about some probable next steps. During the conversation it was evident that Continue reading


Diary of a Gremlin Slaying Black Woman


Diary of a Gremlin Slaying Black Woman

Hey, today I’m honoured to be a featured writer on the John Maxwell Team Blog. Check out how a practical lesson helped me overcome the limiting belief of scarcity. If you’ve ever suffered from the limiting belief of Scarcity, this post is a MUST read for you! Leave a comment on the blog if you can relate.

Don’t Feed the Animals


I remember one of my first visits to the local zoo. Fully armed with my packed lunch I hopped on the school bus and anticipated a really great day.

When we arrived at the zoo our teacher at the time gave us a verbal list of do’s and dont’s like; stay together, no wondering off on our own etc and then we proceeded to meet the Continue reading

It’s A Hard Life But ‘Someone’s Gotta Live It’

Photo 4

Today I’d like to paint a picture for you of ‘The Perfect Life’. A life where there is no pain, rejection, conflict, disappointment, failure, misunderstanding, cruelty, malice, self-judgement… I could go on but I think you’d shut the post down and go off and do something more worthwhile if I did!

Why? Because both you and I know that Continue reading