Don’t Feed the Animals


I remember one of my first visits to the local zoo. Fully armed with my packed lunch I hopped on the school bus and anticipated a really great day.

When we arrived at the zoo our teacher at the time gave us a verbal list of do’s and dont’s like; stay together, no wondering off on our own etc and then we proceeded to meet the zoo attendant who had been assigned to our school group.  We were then given another set of rules from the attendant and she specifically told us not to feed the animals.

I took it for granted this was because the animals had a specific diet and us feeding them with our Mars Bars and jam sandwiches would probably not go down too well. I was not far off and later learned that the animals diets are very specific to their needs and some foods can be disastrous for some animals if thrown into their exhibits. Human stomachs have developed to cope with spicy, salty, greasy and sugary foods but the average mammal, reptile and bird stomach has not.

As I ponder on this rule I recognise how useful it could be if we adopt this into our everyday lives. We don’t run a zoo and many of us may not even have a pet. But we are guilty of feeding ourselves with limiting beliefs, negative self talk, procrastination, excuses, jealousy and anger. It’s important to note that whatever you feed is what will flourish. Equally as important what you starve will diminish.

If you spend a large amount of your thought life on things that are negative and self destructive eventually, it’s inevitable that you’ll become just like the things you feed your thoughts with. There’s definitely a principle of what we put in is what we’ll bring out. So we should ensure that we are putting in the right life nutrients to predict a healthy and balanced state of mind.

We should also be careful about external things that affect us negatively. I’m not advising that any of us walk around with a visual sign telling others to KEEP OUT, but it’s important that we do guard our environment in a way that we don’t allow external negative circumstances or people to destroy the healthy life diet that we have worked hard to achieve.

My question today is…

Do you have negative beliefs or behaviours that you’re feeding?

How does feeding into them help or serve you?

It’s definitely something to think about and even worth taking a leaf out of the book of those zoo attendants and telling yourself not to feed the animals.

I’d love to hear your comments on this subject so drop me a few lines and let me know how you deal with keeping a healthy thought life and belief system.

And thanks for dropping by!

2 thoughts on “Don’t Feed the Animals

  1. Great post! “Guard my environment” is exactly my practice. Positive, beautiful, and encouraging sprits surround me, and that’s just the way I like it. I work hard at keeping the negative energy at bay. Positive quotes surround me at work, which helps greatly.

    While preparing to leave the house in the morning, I listen or watch motivational videos or things like TedTalk. This “arms” for the day. LOL!!

    Negative people– I run from them. I Identify the negative communities in the workplace and stay clear of them too. We take preventative measures to preserve our physical health and should do the same for our mental.

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