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Don’t Ever Forget to Dance…


I’m dedicating this post to my Uncle Randy. He was struck by a stroke last year and I think it was a wake up call for the entire family. He’s quite an energetic person and instead of a Social Butterfly, I like to think of him more as a Giant People Magnet. Continue reading

Keys to Managing the Corporate Life (Part 2) – 10 Vital Signs of Overworking

Extra MileI spent many years in the corporate world, predominantly in travel & tourism in the areas of Customer Service Delivery and Customer Experience and at the time I thoroughly enjoyed my work. There was nothing quite like seeing people enjoy every aspect of their vacation.

I’ve always been a believer in going the extra mile and giving more than is expected of me. This is just an internal principle that I inherited from my father, who was a prolifically hard worker. He taught us the importance of having a great work ethic, so going beyond the call of duty became a natural approach to work life.

Leadership demands that Continue reading