Talk is ‘NOT’ so cheap!


There’s an old saying, “Talk is Cheap”. Well, is it? I’d beg to differ.

In fact our words are a very powerful force. They can make us or break us. The words we speak can determine and have a direct impact on what we believe.

Just think about it. If you wake up everyday and say that you don’t feel up to the day. Your emotions will soon follow. The good thing is that the reverse is also true. If you get up and practice a daily confession of feeling great and having hope, you’re bound to roll out on the right side of the bed.

So why are words so important. Well, for one they are a creative force. There’s a bible passage that says, “The power of the tongue is life and death— those who love to talk will eat what it produces.” Prov 18:21

So what is this saying to us?

  1. The tongue has power
  2. The 2 spectrums are life or death
  3. You’ll be the beneficiary of whatever you love talking about

Some of you may say that you don’t believe in the bible, maybe you’re not a person of faith. Despite your beliefs it’s not rocket science that when people say kind words to us we feel so much better than if they speak negative horrible ones. This is just a universal life principle and you have the choice to live by it or be destroyed by it.

So how can we make sure that our words add power and gladness to our hearers?

  1. Practice stating things from the positive view point. i.e. instead of saying that your day will be bad because of all of the challenges ahead. How about reframing it and saying that you’re going to meet all of the challenges you face and handle them as best as you can. You’re not denying your challenges, you’re just reinforcing that you have the power to overcome them.
  2. Stop hanging around negative people who have nothing better to say than negative words. You’ll find if you make this change in your life, your own perspective will begin to change for the better.
  3. Quit negative self talk. If you’re not aware, you’ll be amazed how many times you put your own self down in a day or tell yourself you’re not able to accomplish something.
  4. Watch your jokes and slangy sayings. Try to avoid terms like “You’re killing me dead” or “This thing makes me sick”. These statements come across as meaningless but over a period of time they can start to have an effect on your health and mind.
  5. Value your words. By this I mean don’t talk for the sake of talking. Try to choose the right time to speak and don’t be afraid to keep your mouth closed sometimes. It’s a good practice so you can get a chance to hear other people’s point of view.

So I’ve given you a few ways you can treat your words with a bit more respect. I’d love to hear some the ways you use your words to stay positive and keep others positive around you. So don’t forget to drop me a line.



2 thoughts on “Talk is ‘NOT’ so cheap!

  1. Giving our hearers ” words that add power and gladness” is an empowering assertion that I love and can fully embrace. While I am a deliverer of positive messages, power and gladness has greater depth and will challenge me even greater. Thank you!! Good stuff!!

    • Glad you were empowered Lexa. It’s such an important principle and one that we can practice daily and it works. So yes I join with you to ensure we give our hearers power and gladness. Thanks for your engagement, you’re always very positive!!!

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