Day 30 – 50 Day Change Challenge – Repetition Builds Habit

50 Day Challenge

It’s day 30 and we are so much nearer the end than we are the beginning. After 30 days of being consistent and committed to the process you will have built some really beneficial habits that you can take into 2014.

Today I’m looking at repetition. It’s a word that a lot of people don’t Continue reading

Day 1 of The 50 Day Change Challenge – Getting Started


It’s Day 1 of the 50 Day Change Challenge. If you’re reading this blog post you should have already decided on the key areas you’re going to work on. Whether changing your health habits, embarking on a new business venture or career, adding life balance or the pursuit of a deeper spiritual life. There are some physical things that you are just going to have to commit to doing. For instance, Continue reading

Before you Start – The 50 Day Change Challenge


It’s not the Night Before Christmas but it is the night before the 50 Day Change Challenge. If you’re joining me you’ll have already set your goals and will probably have eaten your last double decker cheeseburger with an up size of fries, or well on your way to making the commitment to reduce your caffeine intake from 5 cups a day to 2. Continue reading

Take the 50 Day Change Challenge

Are you STUCK in a particular place, on a project, life goal or relationship? Do you want to put an end to those limiting beliefs that you know stop you from growing in your faith, career, relationships, health or finances?

Then it’s time to join me on my 50 Day Change Challenge!


For 50 days before 2014 begins, I’ll be challenging myself to grow in the key areas that I know are limiting my life progress. So everyday I’ll be focussing on adopting new beliefs and practising new behaviours to make life change a reality.

Why is this important? Continue reading