Day 46 – 50 Day Change Challenge – Just Jump Off!

50 Day Challenge

It’s day 46. I’m really encouraged because many of you from all different walks of life and various countries all over world have followed these blog posts right up to this point. It’s been a phenomenal journey walking through the challenge with others who desire life improvement and growth in whatever area.

It’s always great to have Continue reading

Day 28 – 50 Day Change Challenge – Commitment Pays Off!

50 Day Challenge

It’s Day 28 of the Change Challenge and I’m busting at the seams. Why? Because I told you that it takes between 23-28 days to build a new habit or break an old one and on day 1, I set out to build a habit of writing and being dedicated to growing my blog so that I can motivate and encourage others to live their best life.

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Day 8 – 50 Day Change Challenge – Belief Matters


It’s day 8 of the 50 Day Change Challenge and it’s time to start going a little deeper into building long lasting life change. The fact that you’ve decided to take this challenge probably means that you’ve been wanting to change some of your beliefs, habits and behaviours for quite a while. But we all know that changing deep rooted habits and behaviours will not happen unless we believe things can really change.

Remember the saying ‘Old habits die hard?’ Well in a way it’s true and so do limiting beliefs. Did you know that what you believe about yourself, others and the world around you will determine how far you go in life? Continue reading

Day 7 – 50 Day Change Challenge – Consistency is Key!


You’re into your first week toward NEW beliefs, behaviours and life changes in a particular area of your life. Well DONE!

One of the biggest enemies of moving an area of your life from where it is, to where you want it to be is lack of consistency. So moving into week 2 of the 50 Day Change Challenge, you’re going to need to plan ahead toward reaching your goals.

It’s important to break your goal down into  Continue reading

Day 3 -The 50 Day Change Challenge – Accountability Factor


It’s Day 3 of the 50 Day Challenge and you’re doing great! so just a quick recap…

You’ve found your quiet place to journal, you’re asking yourself the hard questions, you know what to journal about and now it’s time for the next step…

How are you going to ensure you stay on track? Remember I spoke about accountability on day one, well Continue reading

Day 1 of The 50 Day Change Challenge – Getting Started


It’s Day 1 of the 50 Day Change Challenge. If you’re reading this blog post you should have already decided on the key areas you’re going to work on. Whether changing your health habits, embarking on a new business venture or career, adding life balance or the pursuit of a deeper spiritual life. There are some physical things that you are just going to have to commit to doing. For instance, Continue reading

Before you Start – The 50 Day Change Challenge


It’s not the Night Before Christmas but it is the night before the 50 Day Change Challenge. If you’re joining me you’ll have already set your goals and will probably have eaten your last double decker cheeseburger with an up size of fries, or well on your way to making the commitment to reduce your caffeine intake from 5 cups a day to 2. Continue reading