There is Life After Redundancy


As I sat there a few years ago picking up the pieces of a redundancy, it dawned on me; if I could work so hard for another company and give so much loyalty for them to meet their targets and still be laid off, why on earth couldn’t I just channel all of that energy into working for myself? Surely, at least one benefit would be that I couldn’t fire myself!

Being made redundant can be daunting Continue reading

Day 5 – The 50 Day Change Challenge – Friend or Foe?

Welcome back. Day 5 and I’m guessing that by now you’ve started to get into the groove of getting nearer the goals you set for your challenge.

Still don’t have everything in place? Don’t worry, there’s still time. Don’t let perfection stop you from starting. There’s no better place to start than at the beginning.

This is the time you’re going to need outside support so Continue reading

Day 3 -The 50 Day Change Challenge – Accountability Factor


It’s Day 3 of the 50 Day Challenge and you’re doing great! so just a quick recap…

You’ve found your quiet place to journal, you’re asking yourself the hard questions, you know what to journal about and now it’s time for the next step…

How are you going to ensure you stay on track? Remember I spoke about accountability on day one, well Continue reading