Diary of a Gremlin Slaying Black Woman


Diary of a Gremlin Slaying Black Woman

Hey, today I’m honoured to be a featured writer on the John Maxwell Team Blog. Check out how a practical lesson helped me overcome the limiting belief of scarcity. If you’ve ever suffered from the limiting belief of Scarcity, this post is a MUST read for you! Leave a comment on the blog if you can relate.

Day 36 – 50 Day Change Challenge – Don’t Delay, Do it Today!

50 Day Challenge

It’s day 36 and today I’m looking at the art of delay! Yes, I’m calling it an art because it takes tremendous skill to convince ourselves of some of the stories we do, to cover up our procrastination.

Let’s be honest when we lack lustre about a specific task, we Continue reading

Day 33 – 50 Day Change Challenge – Unmasking Discouragement

50 Day Challenge

It’s Day 33 and today I’m dealing with a subject that has affected us all at some time, just to different extents. I’m looking at discouragement and how it has the capacity to demobilize us particularly when we’re very near our point of breakthrough or victory.

When we’re discouraged we’re unable to Continue reading