Day 41 – 50 Day Change Challenge – Rest, Reinvent, Restore

50 Day Challenge

It’s Day 41 and I’ve taken the chill pill! The Christmas Holiday allows me time out after a long year of victories, losses, successes, failures, plateaus, learning, growing, happiness, sadness. You name it, I’ve experienced it! But now it’s time to Continue reading

Day 33 – 50 Day Change Challenge – Improving Yourself is the First Step to Improving Everything Else

50 Day Challenge

It’s day 33 and today I’m looking at improvement. I’ve been engaging in an in-depth study of John C Maxwell’s newest book ‘Sometimes You Win Sometimes You Learn’. Throughout the book John’s talking about the importance of learning from failure and loss. When he get’s to Chapter 5 he makes a statement that Continue reading

Day 6 – 50 Day Change Challenge


You’ve made it to day 6. That’s something to celebrate!

Today’s the day that you want to take some time to look back on your week and see how well you’ve done.

Depending on the changes you’re trying to make, or the new behaviors you’re adopting; it’s important at this stage to take stock and evaluate your progress. You want to specifically look at things that: Continue reading