Day 3 -The 50 Day Change Challenge – Accountability Factor


It’s Day 3 of the 50 Day Challenge and you’re doing great! so just a quick recap…

You’ve found your quiet place to journal, you’re asking yourself the hard questions, you know what to journal about and now it’s time for the next step…

How are you going to ensure you stay on track? Remember I spoke about accountability on day one, well Continue reading

Take the 50 Day Change Challenge

Are you STUCK in a particular place, on a project, life goal or relationship? Do you want to put an end to those limiting beliefs that you know stop you from growing in your faith, career, relationships, health or finances?

Then it’s time to join me on my 50 Day Change Challenge!


For 50 days before 2014 begins, I’ll be challenging myself to grow in the key areas that I know are limiting my life progress. So everyday I’ll be focussing on adopting new beliefs and practising new behaviours to make life change a reality.

Why is this important? Continue reading