Can Companies Keep the Customer Promise?

Can Companies Keep the Customer Promise?

Today I’m asking the question, ‘Can Organisations Keep their Customer Promise’?

My answer would be YES they can absolutely Endeavour to! But it’s all a case of how well the company values are integrated into it’s operational culture. 

We are all aware that in business it’s not a matter of IF things will go wrong. It’s more a matter of WHEN things go wrong. Continue reading

The Forgotten Customers

I’m always encouraged to see businesses and organizations place a high premium and focus on customer retention and advocacy. Let’s face it, the customer is still King! Especially now that we have to consider the technological abyss of social media. Who would have thought that a day would come where your customers are already sending reviews about your products and service offering before they even walk out of the door of your business? Most of the time without you even knowing!

But while Continue reading