Coaching Services


I’m a Certified Leadership Development Coach with the John Maxwell Team. I offer One on One Coaching, Executive Coaching and Team Coaching.

Coaching is one of the most exciting and fascinating journeys you’ll probably ever take in your life. It’s the journey of YOU!

My Coaching Sessions:  Coaching is an on-going conversation where I provide listening, motivation and most importantly, accountability to individuals or groups while they work toward reaching their heart felt personal and professional goals.

I’ll also give you honest feedback when needed and create the atmosphere for you to become more aware about the areas you need to develop to experience growth in your life, career or business.

My Coaching Sessions are beneficial for improving every area of your life. The results of personal coaching will:

  • Assist you in making important and constructive life choices
  • Help you to operate with a higher level of awareness and competence
  • Help you to be more INTENTIONAL about your goals
  • Offer you a high level of accountability
  • Improve your confidence in yourself so you can maximize your goals
  • Increase your income by improving your productivity
  • Help you experience career advancement
  • Move you from being STUCK to SUCCESSFUL!

Goal Setting and Dream Making:

Put Dream Test LargeMany people go through their lives and never actualise their dreams and goals because either they don’t know how to reach them or are afraid to go for them because of their own limiting mindsets and beliefs. My ‘Put Your Dream to the Test’ Programme helps my clients define their dream, see their dream and then seize their dream.

Leadership & Growth:


It’s a known fact that everything rises and falls on leadership. Find a great organisation and behind it all you’ll find great leadership. Sadly, we know that the opposite is also true.

But it’s not just organisations that have to think about leadership. Whether you run a business or balance the budget as a stay at home mum, once you have breath, you have to learn to lead yourself as well as others. In fact self-leadership is where it starts because you cannot take your staff, kids or family where you’ve never been.

My 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth Programme helps people bridge the gap between what they say and believe and what they actually do.

So why choose me as your Coach, Trainer or Speaker?

Well for one I’m devoted to your success and development, committed to seeing your dreams come to life, and I’ll go the distance with you to help you actualise your greatest potential.

If you’re feeling stuck in your life or have life changing decisions to make and want to invest in a coaching relationship that can help you maximise your potential, reach your goals and close your development gaps, I’d be happy to talk with you.



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