Day 13 – 50 Day Change Challenge – Perfectionism is Overrated!

I grew up in the UK and I remember my childhood being plagued with the false notion of perfectionism. Be it perfect speech a.k.a The Queens English or the emaciated human temple of the models of that time, which were seen as perfect. No matter the medium, we were always being sent the message of perfectionism.

I believe this is one of the most damaging ills.

1. Perfectionism causes procrastination because it’s always telling you that you have to have everything perfect to start.

2, Perfectionism isolates you because nobody else ever quite cuts it.

3. Perfectionism makes you lack passion. You’re so busy trying to get it right for your audience that you lose the meaning and heart behind what you’re doing.

4. Perfectionism causes you to miss small and effective changes. It gets you so focused on your failures that you totally discount the day to day victories.

If you’ve been following this challenge and you feel you can’t start because all of the circumstances are not right.

Guess what? They don’t have to be?
You don’t have to be perfect. You just need to start!

See you tomorrow.

Tell me what you think before you GO!

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